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Luxury modern kitchen design ideas

If you’re dreaming of a luxury modern kitchen design for your home, you’re in the right place: discover ideas to inspire you.

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© Matt Gamble

Looking to take your kitchen up a notch in the luxury department? It could be time to explore luxury modern kitchen design in a little more depth. We explore what makes luxury modern kitchen design, how to achieve it in your home and share some inspiration for your home.

Defining luxury in modern kitchen design

There’s no one way to describe luxury modern kitchen design but there are many features that make it stand out against purely functional designs or more rustic modern farmhouse styles, for example. A key element of the luxury kitchen is, naturally, the quality of the materials used, appliances installed and the work carried out. A central element of the luxury modern kitchen, then, is how current the luxury materials, layout and appliances are. This could be a particularly trend-led kitchen or simply have a modern feel to it.

Examples of luxury modern kitchen design from the Resi portfolio:

A superb example of a luxury modern kitchen design in Wandsworth© Chris Snook

A beautifully curated luxury modern kitchen in Merton© Matt Gamble

Luxury modern kitchen designs: a closer look

While there aren’t a specific set of requirements that build a luxury modern kitchen, there are some features that can be typically found. The colour schemes tend to be clean blacks, sleek greys and calming light neutrals. However, there’s plenty of variation to be found in unique personal touches and flourishes of colour.

Another commonality between luxury modern kitchens is the type and quality of materials used to create them. Think real marble surfaces, genuine stainless steel and authentic hardwood flooring. This is in part to emulate a luxurious look and largely to assure that the kitchen you build is made to last.

Modern luxury kitchens often boast a wellspring of natural light, either through large bifold doors or plenty of glazing in the form of skylights or floor to ceiling windows.

Luxury modern kitchen details from real-life Resi projects:

Skylights in a luxury modern kitchen, designed by Resi in Hounslow© Matt Gamble

Sleek cabinets, spacious pantry shelves and unique appliances at a completed project in Merton© Matt Gamble

Modern luxury kitchens: merging comfort and style

Comfort may not be the most obvious consideration when it comes to building a luxurious, modern kitchen. But what’s a kitchen without comfort? Our 2023 Happy Homes report collected data from over 2,000 homeowners and found that one of the biggest factors determining whether or not people are happy at home is how comfortable or relaxed they’re able to feel in their homes.

Whether you’re wining and dining with your closest friends, having the family over for Sunday lunch or simply unwinding with your nearest and dearest, feeling at ease in your home is vital towards your wellbeing. Designers and builders of luxury modern kitchens appreciate the importance of incorporating comfort within contemporary design and ensure that this is translated throughout materials, layout and technology.

Reducing the amount of time you spend on upkeep in your home could have a positive impact on how relaxed you feel within it. Stainless steel is an elegant and practical option for modern kitchens that’s easy to clean and can minimise the amount of time and effort it takes to clean surfaces. High-quality marble is similarly easy to clean and maintain, and looks fantastic.

In open-plan luxury modern kitchens, those with enough room may opt for a lounge or chill out area to unwind in. Jake and Selbi, a couple who recently underwent a home renovation on their Battersea flat, opted for a plush, squishy Ligne Roset sofa to complete their brand new kitchen space:

Enjoying a moment in their new chill out zone with their little one© Matt Gamble

Want to discuss your luxury modern kitchen design ideas with an in-house Resi expert? Don’t hesitate to book a free advice call today.

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