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Advantages and disadvantages of bifold doors on your kitchen extension

Explore the pros and cons of having bifold doors for your kitchen extension.

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If you’re looking to extend your kitchen, there are a number of design decisions to make to achieve your desired space, and one of those all-important elements is which doors to choose. One of the most popular styles of door for kitchen extensions is bifold doors. They’re a great way to maximise the space in your kitchen and they look sleek and stylish from both an inside and outside view. But before you go ahead with your bifold door kitchen extension, it's important that you consider the pros and cons. Here, we explore everything you’ll want to know, from how much they cost to what kind of designs they come in and how resilient they are to damage (especially if you have little ones).

Advantages of bifold doors for your kitchen extension

First of all, bifold doors offer a contemporary look that will make any kitchen feel both fresh and functional. They allow in plenty of natural light which can make rooms feel larger and enhance your daily sense of wellbeing. They’re a great option for kitchens with limited space as their folding mechanism means they can be cleverly tucked away and maximise your available space. They're also easy to clean and maintain, so you can spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your new kitchen extension – use this handy guide from Bifold Door Factory to see what it entails.

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Disadvantages of bifold doors for your kitchen extension

There are a few disadvantages to bifold doors that you should be aware of before making the decision to install them in your kitchen extension. First, they’re generally more expensive than other options such as single or double doors. The reason for this is because they require a lot more material and labour to create.

Cost of Bifold Doors kitchen extension

Bifold doors aren’t cheap. You may consider saving money by installing bifold doors yourself but if you're working from the ground up and have never installed a door before, it makes sense to hire a professional who knows what they're doing. According to Checkatrade, the average cost of bifold door installations is £2000. However, this can vary hugely depending on the materials and type of glazing you use. Book a free advice callwith one of our knowledgeable Consultants to explore your options. !

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We know that planning a kitchen extension can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be if you do your research and find the right people for the job – that’s why we’re here to help.

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