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Get your quote

Book a free consultation with our team and we’ll put together a fee proposal perfectly tailored to your home.
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Understand your home

After paying your deposit, you can either upload your home’s information via our site, or we’ll send one of our surveyors to your house to measure everything up for the design stages.
Meet your designer

Meet your designer

Once we’ve got to know the ins and outs of your project, we’ll assign your personal designer. Together you’ll create your ideal space, before we handle submitting to your local authority.
Get ready to build

Get ready to build

When you’re ready, we’ll get you and your home ready for construction. From building regs, party walls, all the way to finding trusted professionals. With us, you can build with confidence.
Don’t worry if you’re a step or two ahead of us. No matter where you are in your home journey, we can tailor our services to your project.

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Architects Near You

Looking for architects near you? We're right here. Resi, the UK's first online architects, cover projects throughout the whole of the UK. From Aberdeen to Cornwall, we've worked on over 750 projects in the past 10 years. There is no type of house extension, loft conversion or new development that we haven't advised or designed.

Why Resi? We're super quick. We've invested heavily in our technology which means we can produce drawings up to 10 times quicker than your local architect. We're also cheaper than your local architect, creating 2D floor plans, 3D renders or elevations as accurately as possible, at a fraction of the price.

Rich nick

How do we work? We're your own personal architect. Simply fill in your brief online, then schedule a call with one of our expert in house architects. Through our innovative screen share technology, we can share inspiration and similar styles, making sure we encapsulate all that you want and need. Following this, we'll draw up your designs and again screen share to walk you through our proposed work. Once you've signed off, we'll simply submit your application to your local planning authority and act as a liaison up until decision day.

And… there's more! Once you've successfully obtained planning permission, we'll help source local contractors near you. You'll need quotes from structural engineers, CCTV surveyors and builders, of course. We'll screen the contractors near you and offer 2-3 quotes, so you can make an informed decision.


Very helpful

In terms of input and advice, as well as being cost effective and explaining how the end to end process work.

Alexander Ell


Really excellent

Incredibly efficient, clear and responsive communication, together with very accurate drawings.

Elliott Richmond


A really good service

I enjoyed working with Resi who are offering something quite unique in the marketplace.

Simon Greenland


Full Understanding

They were professional, quick to respond and allowed me to put in a few revisions to the designs without further cost.

Gabriel Edwards

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