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A wraparound extension in Lambeth

A wraparound extension in Lambeth

This stylish wraparound in London has plenty to love

Using a wraparound to square off this property in Lambeth, we not only created a contemporary open-plan design, but we also found space for the kids to run around in.

Ground floor internal alteration

Ground floor wraparound



Planning authority

Lambeth Council

Year of completion



£100,000 - £100,000

Project details

Suffering from an outdated conservatory, these homeowners turned to Resi to help give their Lambeth property a contemporary makeover. Our designers have envisioned a stylish wraparound, to not only extend the property out into the rear but to make use of the dead alleyway space period properties are guilt off. Here’s how they put together their vision!

Demolishing a conservatory

Structured in an L-shaped design towards the rear, these homeowners were tired of their rooms feeling so closed off from each other. Alongside this, the property also suffered from an old fashioned conservatory out in the garden. While modern conservatories can be a great way to extend the home, poorly designed structures off more setbacks than benefits. Too hot in summer and too cold in winter, their greenhouse effect often makes homeowners fall out of love with them. Therefore, in this case, the conservatory had to go.

Open plan living

Using a wraparound extension, we would be able to square off the rear of the property and provide much more living space for the family to enjoy. With this extra space, we’ve proposed a floorplan redesign, moving towards a more open space. With a family room and cosy lounge to the front of the property, this part of the home would be much more communal with a large open kitchen, diner and snug. We even included space for the kids to use as a play area, where they would have plenty of room to run up and down the property.

Contemporary glazing

One of the benefits of an open plan layout is that light is able to travel across the entire space. To make the most of this feature, we included large bi-fold doors into the design, letting in natural light, while also helping the family feel connected to their garden. For the ultimate natural light booster, the side of the wraparound also features a glass ceiling, whereby light is allowed to penetrate the entire length of the design. And to top everything off, there is also a large skylight just above the dining area, to make family meals even more enjoyable.

Meet Oliver, the Lead Designer

It was a pleasure to work with this family to help bring their stylish ideas to life. Wraparounds can be a challenge from a planning perspective, as they’re excluded from permitted development rights. By creating these 3D visuals, we not only allowed the homeowners to see their extension more clearly, but the models also helped get the wary council onboard with the plans!

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