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A very green Lambeth rear extension

A very green Lambeth rear extension

This Lambeth home has a surprise centre, thanks to some clever landscaping!

Our architects added a green surprise at the heart of this Lambeth home. The internal courtyard adds a unique touch, while extra glazing in the kitchen keeps the entire space light and bright.

Ground floor rear



Planning authority

Lambeth Council

Year of completion



£10,000 - £80,000

Project details

These Lambeth homeowners came to Resi looking to really shake up their ground floor. They not only wanted to add a rear extension onto their property, but they also wanted to redesign their layout, adding in a new bedroom and even an internal courtyard. With such a big wish list, our designer certainly had a lot to sink their teeth into!

Kitchen relocation

Starting out, the kitchen in this property sat sandwiched between a bedroom to the rear of the property and the reception room at the front. All this was due to change, thanks to the rear extension we brought to life. We have moved the kitchen into this new extension, and have turned the old cooking hub into a new main bathroom - complete with a small utility room.

In its new home at the rear of the property, the new kitchen diner has some stunning modern touches, including an impressive set of large bi-fold doors. They help connect the new dining space with the patio outside, while the large skylight in the extension keeps the entire space feeling at one with nature.

A new courtyard

Green space is at the heart of this design, and we don’t mean that figuratively. One of the most interesting features of this design is the internal courtyard, which sits nestled between the new kitchen and a newly renovated bedroom. Surrounded by glazing, the courtyard can be viewed from both rooms, with an access point located in the bedroom. Not only does this allow natural light to pass from room to room, it also provides leafy views for everyone to enjoy, thanks to the large swaths of glazing.

Planning permission

As a flat, this property was unable to benefit from permitted development rights. Therefore, it was up to our team to put together a full planning application. The 3D models the homeowners commissioned not only helped them to visualise the new space, they were also helpful attachments to the planning package and we often recommend including them in your application, especially if creating something outside of the box. With approval now in hand, we can’t wait to see this project come to life!

Meet Seb, the Lead Designer

I had a lot of fun working on this project, especially when it came to making the courtyard a reality. We had to get very creative when it came to switching up the layout and finding room for another bedroom, but I think the results speak for themselves!

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