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Connecting With Professionals

Importance of ‘connecting’ with the right professionals

By Heather · 07 Mar '22  · 

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At Resi, we believe connections matter, that’s why we created Resi Connect. This complimentary service introduces our customers to all the key professionals they’ll need to take the work we provide and turn it into a new happy space.

We introduce customers to…

  • Contractors
  • Project managers
  • Structural engineers
  • Party wall surveyors
  • CCTV surveyors
  • Interior designers
  • Glazing specialists

And much more!

Learn more about the benefits of Resi Connect here.

Why do we go through the trouble of vetting and finding our customers the best tradespeople? Because working with the right professionals is vital to not only realising your designs but also to protect your home and finances.

So if you’re assembling your own team of experts, here are some reasons why it pays to do your research…

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No nasty budget surprises

When it comes to finding a contractor, one of the first things you’re going to focus on is the price. The quotes a builder provides can actually be very revealing about what kind of professional you’re dealing with.

With Connect, we help our customers assess their quotes to help them spot any red flags. These could be…

  • Key stages not being accounted for
  • Prices being too high / too low
  • Timings too long / too fast
  • No contingency plans in place for delays or bad weather

By not thoroughly holding these quotes to account, you open yourself up to some nasty surprises down the line. A common problem we see homeowners face is that they go for that ‘too good to be true’ contractor, who offers a price so low they can’t say no. Of course, these prices rarely hold up, and what tends to happen is that once onsite, surprise costs start to appear. Perhaps their quote didn’t cover the cost of waste disposal or certain materials were omitted from the bill.

Remember: once you’ve made an agreement with a contractor, it’s very difficult to switch to another once onsite. Most builders prefer not to take over another’s work, as it opens them up to liability, should issues with the work arise in the future.

Learn more about why picking the right quote matters.

When it comes to cutting corners, it can be tempting to avoid some professionals altogether and to do some things yourself. One such area where we see homeowner's taking the reigns is when a party wall notice needs to be served.

At Resi, we always advise that you get a good party wall surveyor on board to manage this process on your behalf. The better the surveyor, the better they’ll be at getting your neighbours on side, and avoiding any paperwork related mistakes. This means you’ll have the best chance of first-time success and the best shot at avoiding a 3+ month legal battle with next door.

Learn more about party wall notices.

Saves you time

No man is an island, as the saying goes, and many of the professionals you choose will need to work together in order to get your project on the move.

A good example of this is the building regulations stage. If you opt for putting together a set of technical drawings, you’ll need the input of several specialists, like a structural engineer and an architect. To keep things moving smoothly, both companies will need to work together in order to consolidate their respective outputs. Throw one bad apple into the mix and it can hold up the work of the others, adding weeks (even a month!) onto your timings.

Learn more about building regulations.

They’ve been there, done that

Want to make sure you’re getting the best onboard? Then you need references, references, and more references - especially when it comes to contractors.

At a minimum, you should speak to at least two previous customers. One from six months ago and another from eighteen months. This should help give you an honest overview of your contractor’s current work practices, as well as showing how their work stands the test of time. To be extra thorough, we also recommend speaking to a customer that’s currently onsite to help round out your understanding of a contractor’s working standards.

The benefit of going through all this trouble? By getting a contractor (or any other professional) who’s been there, done that, you minimise the risk of mistakes occurring or delays.

Another good example would be an architect. If yours has the right experience, they’ll be much more likely to get your designs through planning first-time round.

You’re fully insured

One of the best benefits of working with Resi Connect is that our team can help you check all the correct insurances are in place. While there are policies you’ll need to consider taking out, some of the most important ones will need to come from your contractor’s side.

These include…

  • Public liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Contractors all risk insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance

Learn more about insurance and construction.

Along with ensuring your builder has the right skills for the task at hand, making sure all the above insurance policies are in place will help you keep your home safe.

Need help finding the best team? If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to assembling your experts and you’re considering a renovation, extension, or even new build - Resi is here to help! Simply book in a free consultation with our team and we’ll provide you with expert advice, tailored to your home.

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