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A quick guide to luxury living room design

Are you tempted by luxury living room design in your home? Explore these top tips and ideas for bringing luxury to life in your living space.

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If you’re looking to up your living room game and introduce a touch of luxury, look no further. Whether you’re looking for sleek and stylish modern solutions to luxury living room design or something a little more classic, we’re here to help you achieve it. We’re going to explore exactly what luxury living room design is, offer you some tips for how to bring that luxury into your own home and show you some eye-catching examples from both our portfolio and our AI Scrapbook tool.

Understanding luxury living room design

In order to get a sense of what luxury living room design actually is, it helps to confirm what we mean when we say ‘luxury’ in general. It’s a descriptor that’s often associated with particular comfort, elegance or expensiveness.

So, what does luxury mean when it comes to living room design?

If we take the above definition of what ‘luxury’ is and apply it to living rooms, what we’re looking at in a general sense is a living room that offers a great sense of comfort, an elegant look and feel and high quality touches that complete the space. Let’s break it down further…

What different factors contribute to a luxury living room?

Quality materials

Whether you’re choosing a fabric to reupholster an old chair and give it a fresh new look or you’re selecting the perfect rug for your living room, it’s important to choose high-quality materials that look beautiful and are built to last if you’re curating your ultimate luxury living room.

Comfortable furniture

As we touched on previously, a big element of ‘luxury’ as a whole is the sense of comfort that something brings you. The living room (perhaps second only to bedrooms) is the perfect place to strive for comfort as it’s the place we often return to at the end of a long day to unwind and recuperate. The more comfortable you’re able to be in your living room, the more relaxed you’ll be which is vital when it comes to striking a happy home life. So, we’d suggest that when it comes to choosing any furniture that you may find yourself sinking into or resting on, opt for something that both supports your body and soothes it. For example, big squishy sofas perfect for curling up with a book on and foot rests with extra padding.

Striking artwork

Make room for artwork that inspires you on the walls of your living room. Celebrating artwork that inspires you is a great way of introducing some elegance into the design and also encouraging you to want to spend time there.

A complementary colour palette

If you’re looking to create a luxurious atmosphere in your living room, you’ll want to take some time to decide on a colour scheme that works throughout the entire space. Seek plenty of inspiration for colour palettes that have colours that work seamlessly alongside each other. This will ensure that your living room feels like a cohesive, relaxing space that’s perfect for luxuriating in.

Inspiring luxury living room ideas

Knowing where to look for to form luxury living room ideas is a big part of the challenge in getting started transforming yours. One great source that may help you get a sense of the luxury style for you is our Portfolio of completed projects. Another is our free AI Scrapbook tool where you can view any one of our projects transformed by a filter into a brand new style. Below, we’ve demonstrated how you can take photographs from our portfolio or your own home and visualise them in a range of different designs.

Loft renovation
After: Our AI Scrapbook tool has upped the luxury in this renovated living space in Leyton. A unique print has been chosen for the walls and the furniture looks even softer for added comfort and style.
Luxury living room idea
Ground extension
After: Our AI Scrapbook tool has tweaked the colour scheme of this beautiful home in Forest Hill and increased the comfort levels with an even larger rug that subtly warms up the space.
Luxury living room design

Try our free AI Scrapbook tool today and collect inspiration for your next great living room project.

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What defines a luxury living room?

A luxury living room design is characterised by elements such as furniture that provides physical comfort, elegant details and showcasing artwork on walls or mantlepieces.

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