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Rustic living room ideas

If you prioritise cosiness and feeling connected to nature inside your home, a rustic design aesthetic could be for you. Read on to get inspired by our rustic living room ideas.

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Looking to refresh your living room style with a rustic, country-living feel? Whether you live in a cottage in the sticks or a cosy flat in a city centre, we explore rustic living room ideas that can transform your home and create a sense of cosiness.

Do you know your rustic living room style from your cottage style?

Before we deep-dive into how you can achieve each of these design styles, let’s discover what each of them mean along with some of the similarities and differences between them.

Rustic design: what is it and what are the typical assets for your living room

Rustic design incorporates elements that connect the interior of your home with the outdoors. One of the most common ways of achieving a rustic feel within your interior design is to liberally use natural materials like exposed wood, stone, slate and rattan. In living rooms, this could look like textured linen sofa covers, stone fireplaces or wooden beams.
Rustic living room design elements like natural materials create a cosy feel

Country design: what it is and what are the typical assets for your living room

Country living room design includes elements that could be typically associated with homes in – you guessed it – the countryside. The idea is to create a homely, cosy atmosphere that’s deeply relaxing. Popular elements of country-style living rooms include pops of uplifting colour and print on textiles like sofa covers and curtains. Alongside this, expect characterful elements like wooden ceilings and sofas and chairs that’s focal point is a fireplace.

Cottage living room design: what it is and what are the typical assets for your living room

Cottage design is similar to both rustic and country interior design style in the sense that it’s defined by its warm, cosy and homely atmosphere. One element that sets it apart from the two is the emphasis on unique vintage pieces. To transform your own living space into a cottage living room, shop around for second hand or antique furniture pieces that inspire you. Depending on their condition, you could always explore upcycling as a way of giving them your own personal twist.

Rustic living room ideas

Here, we’ve used our free AI Scrapbook tool to transform real life Resi living room spaces into a range of different styles. First up, rustic living room ideas…

Resi project © Veronica Rodriguez
After: Rustic touches like natural wood furniture and an exposed brick wall have transformed this modern, bright living room.
Rustic living room design

Resi project © Matt Gamble
After: Our AI Scrapbook has taken this South London living room space from modern and cosy to rustic and warm with just a few changes: exposed wooden beams and materials like leather and rattan.
Rustic living room example

Country living room ideas

Here, we’ll demonstrate how our AI tool hones in on certain aspects of interior design to create a country living room look.

House extension project
After: Subtle design features like neutral colour palettes, a variety of natural materials like wood, rattan and cotton have helped take this Lewisham property from chic city haven to an escape to the country.
Country living room example

Living room © Veronica Rodriguez
The AI Scrapbook technology has transformed a bright, modern, colourful snug into a cosy country chillout area with just a few subtle tweaks: a stone wall, a textured rug to bring some warmth and texture to the space and a softer colour palette.
Country living room design

Cottage living room ideas

See even more transformations of real life Resi projects by our AI Scrapbook tool. For this segment, we’re shining a spotlight onto cottage living room ideas.

Southwark Project
After: Some of the existing features of this striking loft conversion in Southwark already feel akin to a cottage living room. For example, the exposed brick wall and the sloping rooftop that enhances the sense of cosiness. The AI Scrapbook tool has amped up the warmth of the room for an even more welcoming space with painted wooden panelled walls with untreated exposed beams.
Cottage living room idea

Upload photos of your own space to visualise it in a range of unique styles with our free AI Scrapbook tool.

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How can I make my living room feel rustic?

To add a rustic edge to your living room, invite in more natural materials to the decor.

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