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Create the perfect boho living room

Create the perfect boho living room for your home with this quick guide to design ideas that you can easily implement.

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If your living room is missing that special something and you’re looking for a fresh way to reimagine the space, consider giving it a boho edge. You might be familiar with boho or boho chic fashion trends – think flowing maxi dresses and layered jewelry – but it may be a new way to approach your home design. Here, we outline what boho design is and how to translate its key elements into bohemian living room ideas.

What exactly is bohemian style?

Bohemian style, or ‘boho’ style, is a trend that centres around the nature of free-spiritedness, defying convention and expressing artistic flair. It’s often linked with the concept of a bohemian lifestyle of creativity and self-expression. Influences come from a wide array of cultures and periods of time, incorporating flowing, luxurious fabrics, floral and paisley patterns and vintage or one-of-a-kind pieces.

How to create a bohemian living room

Because of the focus on individuality and artistic expression that characterises bohemian style, there’s a huge array of different options to choose from. So, whether you’re looking to add a subtle bohemian edge to your living room or go the whole way and find your inner artiste, here are some of the key factors to consider.

Bohemian living room ideas for nailing the atmosphere:


Go wild! The more colour the better – think bright, swirling, loud colours and prints for an eclectic feel. It isn’t quite maximalism but it certainly isn’t minimalist so get creative and explore colour palettes and clashes that energise you.

Colours for a bohemian living room


One of the beautiful things about curating a bohemian living space is that you needn’t be restrictive when it comes to the colours, shapes and sizes of the furniture pieces you bring together. Another thing that we love about the bohemian approach to design is that you can often save a lot of money by searching for unique pieces on Freecycle, antique shops or fairs, charity shops or Etsy – the bohemian world is your living room oyster.

Vintage furniture

Natural materials

While bohemian culture champions self expression and artistic creativity, there’s also a core respect for the natural world that shines through when it comes to bohemian design. We’re big fans of inviting natural elements into your interior design anyway, it’s particularly important when it comes to creating a boho vibe. Add a wicker chair, rattan cabinet or a wooden room divider for an effortless touch of bohemian charm.

Boho furniture with natural materials


Like natural materials, injecting some greenery into the home is something we always encourage but is also vital for creating the perfect bohemian feel. Opt for one large Swiss cheese plant in a corner for a touch of atmosphere or install a shelf and let hanging plants flow down like the billows of a maxi dress.


When it comes to bohemian lighting, think soft, warm and atmospheric. Strive for the kind of lighting you imagine in a Parisian wine bar and you’ll be on the right track. Dimmer lights are fantastic for creating a warm glow while offering the practicality of full lighting for days when you might be working from home from your sofa. Floor lamps are also a wonderful way of completing the space, offering gentle lighting and the opportunity to introduce a unique new piece with a statement lampshade.

Bohemian living room ideas for decoration:


Adorn your walls with artwork from all corners of life – as long as it inspires you, it belongs right in your boho living room. Explore sites like Artsy for inspiration or explore sites like Artmap to find art events near you.


Macrame is a type of textile piece that’s created by knotting fabrics together to create items like hanging baskets you can fill with plants, creative tapestries or small details like coasters for your coffee table. It’s commonly used in bohemian living rooms to add a unique decorative touch to the space.


When it comes to creating your ideal bohemian space, don’t shy away from introducing hints of comfort like cushions large and small. It’s yet another fantastic way to add more colour, texture and print to your living room space and give it even more depth.

Bohemian living room ideas for your home

If you’re still looking for inspiration for creating a bohemian living room in your own home, look no further. We’ve transformed real Resi projects with our free Scrapbook tool to visualise how they could look in a bohemian style. Take a look through our examples or try out the Scrapbook tool for yourself with photos from your own home.

Living room design and renovation

After: The Scrapbook tool has warmed up the colour palette of this cosy living space with terracotta tones and mustard yellow detailing on the furniture. The additions of dried flowers and artwork on the walls have enhanced the bohemian feel of the room.
Bohemian living room example

Resi project

After: Our AI Scrapbook tool has injected some typical bohemian design elements into what was a very sleek and modern open plan living room and kitchen space. If you’d like to create a similar look, consider adding plants and plenty of texture with items like woven wall hangings or rugs.
Bohemian living room design

Upload your own photos of your living room to see how our free Scrapbook tool can reimagine the space in a beautiful, bohemian style or plenty of other looks.

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What is a boho style living room?

A boho living room, is a living room inspired by the bohemian lifestyle which incorporates features such as flowing fabrics or unique vintage pieces.

What are the elements of a boho living room?

Some of the elements to create a boho living room are lots of different colours, antique and unique furniture, and also natural touches.

How can I easily make my living room more bohemian?

Some easy elements you can implement are plants, warm lighting, some artwork or macrame pieces.

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