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Living room design ideas

Create a welcoming space with aesthetics that perfectly match your personality with our top tips and living room design ideas.

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If you’re looking to renovate your living room but you’re not sure where to begin, we’re on hand to offer inspiration for your home. We explore modern living room ideas from a number of sources, including our very own portfolio of completed Resi projects and images from our free AI Scrapbook tool which transforms home images into a range of design styles. Read on to find the perfect interior design style for your dream living room.

The evolution of modern living room styles

Over time, the purpose and potential of living rooms has developed and evolved over time. In contemporary western society, the living offers a space for household members to congregate and socialise. In earlier years, it was deemed a space to predominantly host and entertain guests. And, traditionally, living rooms and kitchens would have been kept distinctly separate from one another.

Increasingly, homeowners are opting for larger living rooms or living spaces that combine a lounge space with a kitchen or dining area. This more open-plan approach allows greater sociability between household members and a sense of spaciousness and smooth flow between different zones.

Key features of a modern living room:

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to features of a modern living room but there are certain elements to consider. Here are just a few:


Modern living room furniture pieces incorporate style, durability and comfort. Choose sofas in easy-to-wash or stain resistant fabric so you can keep on top of cleaning your living space without cutting into your own time. The social nature of living rooms also means that items like coffee or side tables are ideal for placing shared food and drink or playing group games. We’d also recommend including shelves in your modern living space to showcase some personal items that reflect who you are. Research gained from our 2023 Happy Home report suggests that those who feel their home reflects who they are as a person are more likely to be happy at home.

Colour schemes

Modern living rooms come in a huge variety of colour schemes and we’re big believers in not being totally trend-led. As long as you opt for colours that inspire you and don’t obstruct your ability to unwind within the room, the sky's the limit. Or, if your preference is neutral colours, we recommend injecting a hint of colour with artwork or prints.


In modern living rooms, you’re likely to expect the space to serve a multitude of purposes from offering a relaxing area to unwind to providing a comfy place to sit and focus while you’re working from home. Our top tip for getting the lighting right in your modern living room is to implement plenty of different lighting options that can be adjusted depending on what you need it for, or what the atmosphere calls for, with relative ease. Think dimmer lights that can go from a whisper of warm light to full-room coverage, floor lamps that offer a wide, golden glow or bright table lamps that are perfect for catching up on reading as night sets in. Learn more about how to organise the perfect lighting arrangement for your modern living room here.

Modern living room lighting personified at a beautiful Resi project in Hounslow © Matt Gamble

Explore different living room styles for your home

As we’ve touched on above, modern living room design can be hugely varied and open to interpretation depending on what you require from the space and what your personal taste is. Here’s a quick run-through of some of the most popular styles of modern living rooms and how our free AI Scrapbook tool can help you reimagine your space in each expression.


When you think ‘modern’, you may picture only clean lines, stark white surfaces and sprawling open plan spaces but there’s nothing preventing you from putting together a room that’s both cosy and modern. Here’s an example of how our AI Scrapbook tool has transformed a typically modern living room from a real-life Resi project into a more cosy space with just a few subtle tweaks.

Resi project © Matt Gamble
After: The AI Scrapbook tool has offered a different, cosier interpretation of this Waltham Forest with warm neutral tones and natural materials.
Cosy living room idea


Boho, or ‘bohemian’, living room design has characteristics of bright colours, prints and artwork. It nods to bohemian lifestyle aspects of self expression and artistic creativity. Whether you want a subtle boho touch or strive to overhaul your living room design into a bohemian wonderland, there are plenty of simple ways to incorporate it into your home. Opt for soft lighting, bright prints and joyfully clashing colours and textures. Using our AI Scrapbook tool, we’ve reimagined a real Resi project in a boho style.

Resi project © Matt Gamble
After: An injection of bright colours, lively prints and unique ornamental vases have made this modern, bright living room space a boho haven.
Boho living room idea


If you’re looking to elevate your modern living room design, opt for luxurious touches like high-quality materials, ultra-comforting furniture and high-end textiles. With our AI Scrapbook tool, we’re going to do just that by putting a real image of a completed Resi project through a sophisticated filter.

Resi project © Veronica Rodriguez
After: Luxurious elements like unique prints and soft furnishing have been added to this Leyton living room to amp up its stylish feel and sense of comfort.
Luxury living room idea


Minimalist interior design favours a functional, uncluttered and elegantly simple aesthetic. If you’re considering adopting a minimalist approach to your living room design, see how our AI Scrapbook tool has reimagined a living room created by Resi in the style.

Resi project
After: The AI Scrapbook tool has created a more stripped back, minimalist aesthetic with a more muted colour palette and ultra-sleek appliances.
Minimalist living room example


Resi project
After: This cosy living room space has been reimagined in a rustic style with natural wooden elements, a warm neutral colour palette and plenty of greenery.
Rustic living room example

Try our AI Scrapbook tool for yourself and see how your home could look in an array of different styles.

Practical tips for creating your ideal living room:

Because each and every person has their own dream living room, there’s not just one rule book to refer to when it comes to creating yours. That being said, there are some considerations that we’d advise anyone undergoing a home renovation. Read on as we discuss the practicalities of building your perfect living room.

Balance style and functionality

Our best piece of advice when it comes to embarking on a home renovation journey is to keep one foot firmly on the ground. It’s all too easy to get carried away with big ideas that may seem like great ideas in the moment but don’t stand the test of time. For example, if you’ve been rocking a minimalist aesthetic devotedly for years but you’re considering welcoming a little one in the next few years, it might be time to reconsider your aesthetic priorities. After all, clean lines and neutral colours stand little chance against the clutter that comes with kids.

Think hard about layout

Open-plan living spaces are extremely popular and are one of the top things that prospective buyers look at when considering snapping up a new home. They can be a fantastic option for households that prioritise social time and entertaining. Open-plan living can also totally transform the feeling of your home and make it feel much more spacious and bright.

However, open-plan living spaces aren’t for everyone. If you’re a household with members of various different ages who may spend time in the evenings differently, a separate living room could be beneficial. A separate living room could allow for moments of privacy and solace that are perfect for unwinding. Also, if you’re someone who feels the cold, having a smaller, cosy living room could keep you warmer throughout the winter months and save money on your energy bills.

For more tips or advice from our in-house experts, book a free advice call today.

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How to style your living room?

Here are just a few things to consider when styling your dream living room: balancing style and functionality, getting the layout right, choosing furniture and colours to suit your space, as well as choosing practical lighting. Picking a design style beforehand can also help you achieve a more coherent look.

Which design should you choose for your living room?

There are plenty of different design styles to choose from. To make the best selection for your living room, consider your tastes but also what you require from your living room: do you need a cosy space where you can relax, do you need a space for gatherings, do you have little ones, etc?

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