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Do you need planning permission?

Planning permission is the process by which your local authority approves or refuses your building project. You provide drawings of your proposed plans and your council makes a decision based on your property’s history, area planning policy and any local restrictions.

If you’re only making minor alterations to your home, it’s possible that you will already be covered by a type of general planning permission called permitted development rights. Learn more by exploring each type of permission below.

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Permitted Development

Want to build a rear extension? If you’re adding no more than 3 metres to your home or outhouse, you’re in luck! You probably won’t have to apply for planning permission.

Permitted development rights cover most extensions, loft conversions and even the installation of solar panels. However, they don’t apply to flats, maisonettes or properties inside certain designated areas.

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Can I use my Permitted Development rights?
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Planning Permission

Once your permitted development allocation is used up, or your designs don’t fit within the regulation guidelines, you will need to apply for planning permission. We can give you detailed advice on every stage of the process.

Our packages provide everything you need for a successful application, including 2D floor plans, elevation drawings and 3D renders.

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Do I need Planning Permission?
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How long will it take?

Our initial designs can be completed within 72 hours. Once the application is registered with the council they can take 8-10 weeks to make a decision.

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How much will it cost?

Our comprehensive Planning Package starts at £700 for everything you need.

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