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Creating your ideal bungalow rear extension

Explore rear extension ideas for your bungalow.

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Bungalows are properties that are filled with great possibilities for renovating that you can get really creative with. If you're looking to extend, there are lots of different options for adding space at the back of your home. It's all about finding something that complements both your existing property and garden. We explore some innovative ideas and weigh up some key considerations for your bungalow rear extension opportunity.

When it comes to renovation opportunities with a bungalow, there are plenty of options to consider: do you want to simply increase floor space and add size, boost the height of the ceiling, change the layout, add character or increase value? Still undecided? It’s time to serve some food for thought.

How will my rear extension fit in with the character of the original bungalow?

When it comes to extending your bungalow, a really important factor to decide on early on is how you want it to appear against the existing property. If you’re opting for a classical, seamless-feel, you might want a design that blends in with the foundations. Alternatively, you could step outside of the box and choose a more unique design that could become a striking feature in contrast with your home. Explore these inspirational bungalow extension projects on Houzz and get in touch with one of our consultants for a free advice call to discuss your big ideas.

Single-storey rear extension

It might come as little surprise to you that the most common type of bungalow renovation is a single-storey rear extension. It’s a fantastic way to maximise your space whether you want to open up an area, create a separate room or simply add value to your property. What’s more, thanks to bungalows generally being on reasonably large plots of land, extending them to the rear is usually straightforward.

Single-storey bungalow rear extension inspiration

Do I need planning permission for my bungalow extension?

You won’t need full planning permission for your bungalow extension, provided you build within your permitted development rights. Permitted development rights allow homeowners to add extensions to their homes without a full planning application, provided they follow certain protocols. However, even when building within your permitted development rights, you’ll still need your project to be signed off by the local authority as proof it was legal at the time of construction.

Permitted development rights for bungalow extensions

Permitted development rights allow certain homeowners to extend their bungalows without applying for full planning permission. This means homeowners can extend their home provided their project complies with certain parameters like:

  • Height
  • Volume
  • Aesthetics
  • Eaves placement
  • Roof slope
  • Windows

Because of the complexities involved with matching your design to these requirements, it’s highly recommended you get an experienced designer by your side to make sure your project is above board.

Now it’s time to get creative

With the complicated part of planning permissions out of the way, you can get excited about how you might use your space once your project is complete. Here are some of our favourite ideas for single-storey rear extensions:

Create a cosy snug

Creating more space doesn’t mean losing out on cosiness and we love the idea of dedicating a space to hunkering down and unwinding with a great view of your garden. Explore House & Garden’s 17 Stylish Ideas for creating the perfect snug for some inspiration.

Make (an extra) room

Bungalow rear extensions can open up the possibility for a whole new room in your home. If you’re looking to amp up your home organisation, this could be a great opportunity to install a storage or utility room. Feeling tidy enough? This room is your oyster – consider anything from a reading nook to a brand new at-home office.

Enjoy your garden inside

One of the fantastic benefits of bungalows is the ample land that you often have on your doorstep and, for the greenfingered amongst us, this is a great opportunity to create a truly special garden. Extending your property doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your garden sanctuary. With the right designer and the right planning, you can make them work in beautiful harmony.

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