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Architect During Building Regulations

Why you need an architect during building regulations

By Heather · 06 Jan '22  · 

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Building regulations, they’re confusing. Unless you’ve completed a project before, it’s likely these technical requirements are new ground for you, and in researching them you might have found some conflicting advice.

Some sources might tell you a contractor can prepare your building regulations package, others recommend a structural engineer, and at Resi we recommend using an architect.

Why trust our advice?

Well here’s exactly why getting an architect on board is the best way to secure approval...

More detail means a more accurate construction quote

The building regulations stage is about two things. Firstly, it’s about getting official approval for your build, in order to start construction. Secondly, it’s about getting the technical drawings needed for the tendering process.

If you want to make sure you’re getting an accurate quote when it comes to finding a contractor, then you’ll need an architect to handle these drawings.

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This is because only an architect has the scope to consider every little detail when putting your package together - unlike structural engineers who have a specialised discipline and contractors who lack the formal training. When an architect handles your building regulations package, you’re ensuring your future contractor it able to account for every single possible cost when putting your quote together, rather than having to guess at the particulars.

This not only means you avoid any nasty budget surprises, but it also means you can find a contractor who has all the required skillsets. Rather going in and finding you’ll need to get a subcontractor to handle your ventilation design or groundworks.

Only an architect can bring everything together

Why can an architect get all those details right?

Because only an architect has the training to bring together all the different elements building regulations require.

  • Structure
  • Drainage
  • Ventilation
  • Fire safety
  • And insulation

To name just a few!

All these elements are considered during this stage to help ensure you get a new space that’s not only safe for your family but one that cares for your well-being. Bearing this in mind, it makes sense to get an expert in who not only has oversight on all these elements, but the design skills to weave them through your new home set-up.

Architects have the best connections

Because architects can work on a project from start to finish, they tend to meet a lot of different professionals. And, depending on how many projects they work on, this means they learn to spot which other professionals stand out from the rest.

At Resi, we work on over 100 projects every month, and so we’ve met contractors, structural engineers, and surveyors across the UK. And since everyone deserves to have the best team by their side, we now run a Connect service.

This allows us to introduce you to not only the other professionals you’ll need for the building regulations stage (plus coordinate their work on your behalf), we can also find you the best contractors in your area. This is just one more way of avoiding any unwanted cowboys.

Get consistency (and time efficiency) from start to finish

Want to know another benefit of an architect being there from the start?

It means you get consistency throughout your whole project. With a good architect by your side, they’ll be able to design your home in the planning stage to accommodate the work needed in building regulations. Meaning they not only work quicker but you also avoid any need for complicated amendments during this already lengthy process.

Architects give you the best chance of first-time approval

We can’t speak for all architects, but at Resi, we give our customers the greatest chance they can get for first-time approval.

How do we do this?

Rather than working with the local council, we have approved inspectors that we recommend to our customers, who we can work with from the very start of the process. This means they can tick things off throughout, so that by the end, when we hand them a 95% completed package, they only have to finish off that final section.

This means our customers are not only more likely to get approval, it means go ahead can come in matter of days - rather than the 6-8 weeks building control usually takes.

Want to learn more about how an architect can benefit your home? Book a free consultation with our team. Our experts are always on hand to help unlock your home’s potential!

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