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Who is involved in a home project? Every professional and what they do

Which professionals do you need for a home project? Here's our list of those you will most likely run into and what they do.

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There are three characteristics you will always find in any successful home project:

  • Legal: the project has been completed within the rules and regulations that govern what you can and can’t do to your home.
  • High Quality: the project has been carried out and completed to the highest possible standards.
  • Safe: the completed project is a safe space for everyone to use and enjoy, worry free.

Achieving these characteristics requires expertise, expertise that is earned through training and experience. That’s why we turn to professionals.

With 3500+ projects under our belts, we know of every tradesperson there is to know. In this blog, we’ve collected the ones you will most likely come across in your home project and how exactly they can help you.


Architects specialise in helping you create your dream home, whether that’s designing a brand new space or redesigning an existing one. However, an architect doesn’t just design. They will need much broader home knowledge to help you create a space that is safe, functioning and legal.

At Resi, we’re unique in that our Design team works closely with our Survey, Planning, Building Regulations, Finance, and Connect teams, making sure you’re always getting the right support wherever you are with your project.

Do I need an architect?


Once you have worked your way through your project, creating a design you like and gaining the necessary approval (if required), it’s time to hire the professionals who will build it.

There are lots of options available when looking for builders, from sole traders right up to large contractor companies with 20+ full-time employees. Whoever you pick, it’s crucial you take your time and do your research.

A guide to different types of contractors.

CCTV drainage surveyor

There are a number of reasons why you’d need an in-depth assessment of your drains, especially when buying or doing work on a property. In order for you to receive building regulations approval for a home project, you need to prove your drains will not be affected by the proposed works.

CCTV drainage surveyors operate by sending specialist cameras into your drains. The cameras provide live feedback to a screen, enabling the CCTV surveyor to complete the inspection onsite.


No matter how big or small, electrical works should always be carried out by a professional electrician. Working with electricity is both complex and dangerous, so should not be attempted DIY.

Electricians can be consulted at various stages of a home project. If renovating an old home it’s often wise to have an electrician inspect and fix electrics before completing any work. During construction, they will also be required to wire plugs, lights switches and any other electrical appliances you include.

Home electrics are complex. We always suggest hiring an electrician for your wiring and electrical jobs.

Financial advisor

There are a number of ways to finance a home project, with savings, mortgaging and remortgaging to name just a few. There is no set rule for how to finance a project, what works for one person might not be the best route for another.

That’s why you can benefit from speaking to a specialist broker. They can use their expertise to ensure you get the right deals tailored to your project and personal circumstances.

Check out Resi’s in-house Financial services.

Interior designer

Decorating beautiful interiors is not as easy as it looks. Successful interior design requires an eye for colour, shape, materials, light, and flow. A good interior designer will also make a space personal, full of your ideas and elements of your own personality.

When choosing an interior designer, it’s often a good idea to work with those that have experience with your preferred style. Doing research and consulting various designers will make sure you pick the right designer who understands your tastes and preferences.

Jules Renovation
Looking to create your dream interior? Work with an interior designer!

Landscape gardener

If you have some grand ideas for your outdoor space, you may need to consult a landscape gardener. Just like any other form of design, a landscape gardener will have a unique area of expertise. Landscapers need expertise in garden materials, structures, tiering, colour, and much more.

Landscape gardeners are typically reserved for larger outdoor areas with more complex design ideas. For smaller and simpler outdoor spaces you can do your own research or ask your architect for their advice.

Land surveyor

If you are pursuing a new build project, you will need to purchase land or have existing land assessed. In both instances, a land surveyor should be used to breakdown the specifications of the land, which will help you understand what is possible.

Land surveyors will be looking out for flood risks, trees, existing structures, nearby power lines, land boundaries, and much much more. This information will help you decide what preparation is needed for your project, as well as impacting on the design itself.

A guide to buying land in the UK.

Land surveyor
A land survey is essential before purchasing or developing land.

Party wall surveyor

A party wall surveyor may be required, depending on the circumstances of your project. If you are building within 3 meters of a party wall, you need to gain permission from the affected neighbours. This is done by writing a party wall notice.

You may hire a party wall surveyor to help you draft the notice or you can produce it yourself. However, if your neighbour refuses to give permission you will need to hire at least one party wall surveyor to assess your dispute. You will be solely responsible for covering the costs of any party wall surveyors used.

Need to speak to the experts? Book a free consultation with our team.

Two-storey rear extension
A party wall surveyor may not be needed if you are on good terms with your neighbours, like these who decided to extend together!

Planning officer

When applying to your local planning authority you will be allocated a planning officer. Your officer will be in charge of reviewing your project, ensuring everything is in place before making a recommendation on your proposal.

To inform their decision, planning officers will gather quotes from consultees and neighbours and will likely visit the site at least once. You can invite the site officer to visit, though they are allowed to arrive unannounced and therefore may decline your invitation.


Just like with your electrics, plumbing is not something to be attempted by an amateur. Any issues with plumbing can be very costly to amend, and therefore always require the expertise of a professional.

Plumbers should be used to install features into any new space, but they may also be used at the start of your journey to assess the existing state of the property. This is especially important in old homes and renovation projects where old plumbing will need updating.

Learn more tips about renovating an old property.

Project manager

When you consider all of the professionals, deadlines and finances involved in a home project, you may want to hire someone to keep on top of it all. Project managers will ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

At Resi, we have a custom-built online Dashboard which allows our clients to project manage from one easy-to-use platform. Because our Dashboard makes project management more manageable, you may be able to save the fees of hiring a third party.

Resi dashboard
Resi's unique online dashboard makes managing your project easier.

Property surveyor

A property or building surveyor is typically used when purchasing an old home for renovation, giving you an overview of the property from the eyes of a professional. This is crucial as there are many things a typical homeowner could miss, such as the presence of asbestos.

A property surveyor will typically charge depending on the level of detail you want them to provide. In-depth surveys will take longer to conduct and may also require research, hence the increase in fees.

Learn more: What kind of survey do I need?

Roofing contractor

A roofing contractor or roofer specialises in constructing and mending roofs. Though typical contractors will have general knowledge in this area, a specialist may be required in complex and unique roofing situations.

All roofs are naturally complex, but those which are considered especially tricky are those with steep pitches, unique shapes and made from unique materials.

Learn more about roofs in our complete roofing guide.

Clay roof
A roofing contractor can help with any complex roofing construction, maintenance or repair.

Structural engineer

Structural engineers specialise in the structural integrity and safety of your home. Their advice will dictate what you can and can’t do within your project and will be required to gain building regulations approval. Overall a structural engineer will consider…

  • Materials you plan to use
  • The site location
  • Weight of the build
  • Structural support needed

The structural safety of your home is paramount, which is why a structural engineer should be consulted before any major works. This includes knocking down walls, as affecting a wall that is load-bearing could be catastrophic.

Looking for reliable tradespeople?

Our Connect service introduces you to vetted contractors who can help bring your designs to life during construction while our in-house technicians consolidate everything into one concise package for your contractor to use during construction. Book your free consultation call.

You can now try our brand new supplier search tool - making your hunt for reliable professionals even easier!

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