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Here you'll find all things to do with residential architecture, from the language, to the profession, to Resi as an architectural service. Residential architecture is the design and construction of individual housing (our forté here at Resi!), a service provided for those living in one, two, and three-storey homes, flats, maisonettes, and many more. As we mention in our blog, residential architecture is often deemed the less 'sexy' side of design, with many preferring to go into the business of buildling skyscrapers - however, Resi architects are much the opposite. We can't get enough of the kitchens, bathrooms, and loft conversions! And we know that along the way, residential architects don't always use the most down to earth language, that's why we've put together a blog that helps you demystify the world of confusing architectural jargon... because who really knows what a hip to gable dormer is? Resi helps you get your planning process for your residential project off the ground by designing high-quality, low cost plans with the help of intelligent technology.