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Do I need an architect to build a house?

If you're building a new house from scratch, you would be mad not to get an architect involved. Find out why here...

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In short: it’s very, very likely.

Building a home is one of the biggest construction projects you can take on, requiring expert design skills and comprehensive knowledge of complex ins and outs - not just of construction, but design, planning, regulation, to name just a few.

However, there is one exception to this rule. Modular buildings, homes created off-site and often already in a fixed design, these could mean an architect won’t be necessary.

To make sure you get the right support for your build, here’s our guide to architects and creating your dream house…

Why most homeowners need an architect

Architects are the masters of design.

Spending up to 10 years learning their skills, then even longer learning the ins and outs of planning policy, no other professional can bring the logistics of home building together so beautifully.

At Resi, our architects can help homeowners throughout every stage of their project. We cover…

While traditional architects won’t have such a board coverage, they’ll still offer a guiding hand throughout your project.

The benefit of having an expert by your side is that, unless you’ve built homes in the past, an architect can take away 90% of the stress associated with building your own home.

Because let's face, while many of us have ideas on how we want our home to look, not many of us understand the technical side. What will get planning permission in your area? What structural elements go into stairs? How can I keep my space insulated? An architect can handle all these considerations in your design and even manage your applications on your behalf. This also means, if they’ve worked in your area before, they’re using an already established relationship with your local authority to your benefit.

But aren’t architects expensive?

Some can be, yes, but if you pick a cost-effective option they can save you far more money in the long run.

By having an architect by your side, you should be more likely to avoid these budget gobblers…

  • A rejected planning application
  • Building control rejection
  • A party wall dispute
  • Cowboy builders
  • Unaffordable design features

Plus, at Resi, our finance service means you get the safest loan possible for your build. Not only in terms of a loan that best suits your needs, but our team will also make sure you’re properly insured - protecting your new build for up to 10 years!

Modular: the exception to the rule

The only time you mightn’t need an architect is if you’re going with a modular home.

Modular homes are created in sections off-site, usually in a factory, before being delivered to site and erected. They’re a great option if you want to limit timings and are happy with the designs on offer.

While some companies will provide some level of customisation, you’re usually restricted. Not necessarily a bad thing if the thought of creating something from scratch feels too daunting!

Because of the nature of modular housing, it’s unlikely you’ll need an architect, as their team will manage both design and delivery. However, it might be left to you to handle planning permission.

Want to learn more about how an architect can help your project? Book a consultation with our team. We’ll provide expert advice tailored to your home, free of charge.

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