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The benefits of a free Resi consultation

Nothing can put your project on the right path like an architectural consultation - but here's why Resi's stands head and shoulders about the residential crowd.

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Before you dive into your project, you’ll likely want to know what options are available to your home.

This is where an architectural consultation comes in. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re just curious about your options, getting an architect in can help give your potential project the best possible start.

But are all consultations created equal?

While many architectural practices offer consultations, not everyone provides the same service. For instance, some practices can charge you up over £150 for the privilege, all for a cup of tea in your kitchen and basic chat.

At Resi, our consultations are free of charge. What’s more, our unique platform means you get the most out of them. Here’s what sets us apart…

Anytime, anyplace

We use the latest technology to make exploring your home’s potential easier than ever.

Through a simple phone call, and using our platform’s screen share feature, our team will be able to discuss your project - no matter the time or place. What’s more, you don’t have to download a thing. Simply have your phone and a screen to hand (desktop, tablet, or laptop) for us to work our magic.

Try out our unique online platform

Speaking of technology, did you know that Resi uses it’s own specially designed online platform?

Our Resi Dashboard allows our customers to project manage their build from one easy to use place. Its features include…

  • Instant messaging to our designers
  • Upload and store key documents
  • Submit design reviews
  • Finance assistance
  • Find suppliers for your project
  • Planning updates

To name just a few!

Before your consultation, you’ll be given access to your own Dashboard. Here you’ll be able to fill out a brief of your project, giving you a glimpse of how easy our platform is to use, as you tell us the ins and outs of your home. What’s more, this questionnaire will help our team customise your session.

Understand budget

One of the most common questions our team gets is… how much is this going to cost?

No surprise, making sure you have the right budget is a vital step for any project. At Resi, our consultations aim to not only tell you how much our own services will cost but how much you can expect to pay every stage of your journey.

Get to grips with timelines

Alongside your budget, working out how long your project will take is also a key consideration for most homeowners.

While many know to factor in planning, the true extent this, and other admin matters can take, might come as a surprise. For instance, did you know planning takes a minimum of 8 weeks? Or that, should you need a party wall agreement, that could delay you by two or more months?

It’s these time considerations that our team will be able to prepare you, as well as offer advice on avoiding any unwanted delays.

Get a basic understanding of planning policy

And on the note of planning, don’t forget this stage varies from home to home.

  • Planning permission
  • Permitted development rights
  • The larger home extension scheme

There are a number of different planning options, and in order to build legally, you’ll need to make sure you manage the one you apply for properly - otherwise you could be faced with some hefty fines.

At Resi, we handle the planning stage on our customers’ behalf. Not only preparing the necessary architectural drawings but packing them up and submitting them too. By having our in-house planning team by your side, you’ll have the best possible chance of nabbing first-time approval.

What’s more, you can get a taste of our expertise as our team to advise on possible planning options during your consultation.

Discover inspiration for your project

Remember that screen sharing we mentioned?

Well one of the benefits of using this handy feature is that it allows us to bring visuals to the discussion. Based on the taste preferences shown in your briefing questionnaire, we’ll put together some of the best inspiration we can find for your home.

Ready to get inspired? Try our free consultations for yourself, and book in time with our experts.

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