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Wraparound extension ideas to bring new life to your home

We share our top wraparound extension ideas to make the most out of your new extra space.

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Does the time feel ripe for a home renovation? Is increasing your space the top priority on your list of improvements? If this sounds like you and a big impact is what you’re after, a wraparound extension could be the route to go down for you. Wraparound extensions make use of any unused space towards the side of your home, as well as spare room to the rear of your property to create an L-shaped additional space to your existing property.

This addition can be totally transformative and the possibilities with what you can do with your new space are endless. We explore some of our favourite wraparound extension ideas to bring new life into your home.

Create a recreation room

What better way to enjoy your new space than make it, well, a place dedicated to enjoyment? This example is a wraparound extension that has increased the amount of space available in your property to create a more open plan layout in certain areas for a family-friendly sense of sociability.

Alongside this, there’s a more separate section that’s purely made for lounging. We love this unique use of a wraparound extension because it satisfies our need for togetherness as well as our need for alone time and privacy. Learn more about this project here.

Creating a recreation room with a wraparound extension

Create a brand new kitchen space

The kitchen is the heart of the home and whether you’re a dedicated home cook or a convenience-seeker, few people would say no to a more spacious kitchen. Thanks to the extra room offered by a wraparound extension, you’ll be able to have a big impact. A wraparound extension opens up the possibility for you to rethink the entire kitchen layout, create more cohesive interior design, add in a pantry and more.

This beautiful example of a ground floor wraparound extension in Wandsworth is a striking example of how a kitchen can benefit from the additional space an extension offers. Our clients opted for fresh, modern cabinets, a social kitchen island, plenty of natural light and pendant lighting. Learn more about this project here.

Enlarge your kitchen with a wraparound extension

Combine your kitchen and dining space

We’ve already touched on how extending your kitchen with a wraparound extension could be a step towards creating more social space in your home for you and your family. Creating a dining space just off the family kitchen is the perfect example of how to marry the practical and the sentimental within the home. Having an open but separate dining area can allow different members of the family to co-exist and spend time in one another’s company while doing their own thing. Picture dad cooking up his famous Puttanesca with the kids doing homework at the table and mum tapping away at her laptop. As soon as dinner is ready to serve, you can reconvene at the dining table and have a proper catch up on the day. What’s more, if you’re green-fingered, it could give you a beautiful outside view of your garden like this lovely Southwark home.

A lighted wraparound extension

Bring more natural light into your home

Nowadays, we’re all more keenly aware of the health and wellbeing benefits of natural light. So much so that we’re more aware than ever of integrating our need for natural light into our home designs. Wraparound extensions open up the possibilities for so many different ways you can let natural light into your home. We explore just a few of our favourites.

Bi-fold doors

Choosing bi-fold doors for your extension is a fantastic way to enhance the natural light in your home. It’s also a great way to maximise space, thanks to their folding mechanism that’ll keep them tucked snugly out of the way. The sleek appearance and array of stylish frame options for bi-fold doors can also be an asset to your design and be the perfect bridge between your kitchen and your garden.


Opt for skylight installation to boost the amount of natural light in your wraparound extension without limiting the amount of space available. Their vast array of shapes and sizes means you’ll be spoilt for choice on your hunt to find the perfect style for your space. Learn more about skylights in this article.

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