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A Mediterranean inspired new build in Brent

A Mediterranean inspired new build in Brent

This London new build adds some classic touches to its impressive design

With beautiful arches and brick pillars, this London home uses inspiration from our neighbours on the continent to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to Brent.

Whole house new build



Planning authority

Brent Council

Year of completion



£500,000 - £700,000

Project details

How do you turn a collection of dated garages into the Mediterranean home of your dreams? This is the question our architects were approached with when this self-builder came to us, looking to turn his classical inspiration into a real life Brent abode. Luckily, our designers were more than up for the challenge and envisioned a design that even a Roman emperor wouldn’t say no to.

Garages to grandeur

Building a home from scratch in London isn’t always easy. As there’s little greenfield land going spare, most projects involve converting existing spaces or taking on brownfield sites. For this project, our teams obtained permission for a set of existing garages to be demolished, in order to make room for this two-storey new build. Getting approval for these kinds of projects can be tricky, but lucky our planning team was there to manage the application on behalf of the homeowner - taking the stress out of the process.

Sloped design

In designing this new build, our team envisioned a sloped design, whereby space would be concentrated on the ground-floor. This created more room for functional space, allowing the homeowner to enjoy large open-plan spaces, with areas for both dining and relaxation. The series of french windows also provide this area of the house with stunning views of the landscaped garden outside.

The classical touch

What’s unique about this design is the Mediterranean touches that run throughout the build. The homeowners wanted to capture some of that old school rustic appeal, and move away from the straight line work you see in many contemporary designs. Perhaps the element that most embodies this approach is the arches which run parallel to the windows. The London stock brick in the design will bring character and charm, while the arches themselves transport the residents to sunnier climes - though the London weather will (unfortunately) still persist!

Meet Mark, the Lead Designer

Nothing is more exciting to an architect than a themed brief. It was a real pleasure to play around with shapes and motifs during the design process, and I particularly enjoyed finding ways to make the most of the garden the homeowners envision creating. We also made sure to give the top of the house a touch of class with arched windows, matching the shape work of the ground floor.

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