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Where are all the residential architects?

Last updated Monday 20 August 2018

Every architect wants to build a skyscraper. They’re towering, iconic and - if designed badly - can destroy a car (remember this...?).

In fact, over 90% of the applications that we receive when hiring architectural positions feature skyscrapers, which we think is a shame. After all, these projects are so vast, and take such a long time, that no one really owns them.

What’s more likely is that a single architect will have contributed to individual elements of the design process, without ever needing to understand the end-to-end reality of actually building something.

At Resi, we’re obsessed with what some people might deem to be the “less sexy” end of the market: your home.

Sure, we didn’t design The Shard, but we’ve helped hundreds of families to add a kitchen big enough for a birthday party with everyone they love. We’ve transformed lofts into spare rooms for growing families, and squeezed rooms above garages for moody teenagers (far enough, but not too far away!).

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It takes us around 72 hours to turn around floor plans, elevations and 3D renders, which means each of our architects have seen more playrooms, side extensions, second bathrooms and loft conversions through to completion than any of their peers... particularly the ones who are stuck trying to measure out the 65th floor for the fifteenth time.

There’s a myth that you don’t need an architect if your plans fall under permitted development rights. This isn't true, but you do need the right architect. Rather than adding unnecessary costs to your project, our experience means that we can help you get the most out of your space and your budget.

And because we know everything - and I mean everything - about residential properties, we can help our clients navigate the intricacies of planning policy. From the small bursts of design inspiration that might shave £1000 off your build, to the innovative, big-picture ideas that get your planning officer on your side without compromising on your vision, our team has developed the insider knowledge to navigate the system; not just sketch out the plans.

We’re proud to say that we work for ordinary people, building every-day projects, and we do it really, really well.

So where are all the residential architects? They’re at Resi.

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