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...It’s been a really busy time for us. To make sure that we’re able to provide the best possible experience, there is currently a delay of 3-4 weeks to start a project. We are still providing free project advice.

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Why we're introducing a waitlist


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Last updated Thursday 21st May 2020

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It’s been a busy month for our team, as we’ve experienced an influx of new customers looking to improve their home. And while it’s great to see so many new faces, we have found it difficult to accommodate this surge in demand.

Therefore, in order for our team to provide the best service possible, without getting overwhelmed, we’re now introducing a 3-4 week waiting period for new customers.

Learn more about what this means for your home here…

What does the waitlist mean for my project?

If you’re looking to transform your home with Resi, you will now have to wait 3-4 weeks before you can access our architectural services.

After this 3-4 week period, we’ll be opening up our (virtual) doors and allowing a fresh set of customers to kick start their project. Depending on demand during this time, there is a chance the waitlist will be reinstated once again to stop our team from being stretched too thin.

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What to ensure you get a spot in 3-4 week’s time? No problem, simply have a consultation as normal to get a bespoke quote. You can then secure yourself a spot in next month’s worklist by paying a deposit via your Resi Dashboard.

Already have a quote? Then you can grab your place in the queue by clicking here.

Do bear in mind that you can only pay a deposit while space is available for next month. If you are determined to work with Resi, we recommend paying sooner, rather than later, to avoid disappointment.

We are sorry we can’t help every homeowner at this time. However, this waitlist does ensure that when you do start the design process, you get the best service possible.

What can I do in the meantime?

While our architectural team are busy beavering away, our finance team are still available to help you secure funding.

If you haven’t already, we recommend working with an expert to map out all potential costs of your project, so you have a realistic idea of the finances required. Once you have a good idea of the numbers, you can then look into the best loans for your build.

As official partners to the Mortgage Advice Bureau, we’re able to combine the best in both financial and architectural expertise, providing you with…

  • An understanding of the value you have potentially added to your home
  • Access to over high street 90 lenders
  • Over 1000 different mortgage deals
  • Exclusive rates, only available to MAB partners
  • Plus, we’ll manage your application end-to-end to save you time and effort

You can learn more about your finance options by trying out our new tool or by booking yourself in for a chat with our team.

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