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What Resi's new TrustMark partnership means for our customers


By Heather · 12 Feb '21  · 

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This week we’re very excited to announce our official partnership with TrustMark!

TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme for UK tradespeople, covering everything from electricians, bathroom specialists, all the way to contractors. It’s their amazing work with builders that’s especially important to what we do here at Resi.

Here’s how TrustMark contractors are going to help us change the home improvement game…

TrustMark and Connect

Connect is a complimentary Resi service that ensures you get the very best during each stage of your home journey. From contractors, suppliers, to the professionals you’ll need to comply with building regulations, we introduce you to a range of vetted home experts.

By working with TrustMark, we're able to improve and expand our vetting procedures. Here's how we now select our recommendations...

Past working relationship

Our in-house team of designers and technicians have years of experience in the industry. We use their recommendations to source companies who have a tried and tested relationship with our team.


Thanks to our partnership, we're also able to select other specialists from TrustMark's pool of vetted professionals, companies we believe are an ideal match for the projects we work on.

Work assessment

When assessing a company we’ve not previously worked with, our Connect team will look through their body of previous work to check for any red flags.


Once we’ve seen the work they can produce, the other way we can check they’re up to standard is by talking to previous clients. Where possible, we reach out to previous clients both new and old to verify quality work and good work practices.

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Government Endorsed Quality

So what sets TrustMark part from other contractor schemes?

The major stand out feature is its endorsement from the UK government. TrustMark is the only trader quality scheme that’s government approved.

This is achieved by holding the professional's TrustMark works with to a Framework Operating Requirements for Scheme Providers, which is supported by the Code of Conduct and Customer Charter. This means anyone using a TrustMark contractor benefits from the most robust protection in the housing sector.

Thorough vetting and approval

Contractors can’t become part of the TrustMark scheme until they’ve gone through a thorough vetting process.

The TrustMark team make sure a complete technical competence check has been made, as well as checking the company has made a significant commitment to good trading practices and customer service.

Contractor working on residential extension

Financial protection

All TrustMark professionals must provide evidence and a suitable guarantee that customer finances are protected. For contractors, this means they’re properly insured, so your money isn’t at risk of financial malpractice or the builder going bust.

In addition, TrustMark offers an escrow service meaning our customer knows their money is completely safe, right up to the point that they are totally satisfied with the completed work, at which point it is released to the tradesperson.

Quality over profit

Unlike many other trader quality schemes, TrustMark is a not-for-profit social enterprise. Profits are continually reinvested in the scheme to improve their levels of quality, and enhance consumer protection.

This is very different to other quality schemes, who require contractors to pay for the certification, and allow profit to potentially influence who does and doesn’t get endorsement.

Dispute resolution

By following TrustMark’s Code of Conduct, contractors commit to providing excellent customer service and complaints handling. If things can’t be resolved directly with your contractor, homeowners can escalate complaints to an independent dispute resolution service, which must be provided by the relevant Scheme Provider. This ensures a fair conclusion can be reached.

Want to learn how TrustMark and Resi could help your home? Book a free consultation with our team. Our home experts will be happy to talk through your project ideas, and help guide you through next steps!

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