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Architect drawings for loft conversion: why do you need them?

Last updated Friday 08 March 2019

Architect drawings for loft conversion: why do you need them?

Last updated Friday 08 March 2019


Architectural drawings might sound fancy, but they’re an essential part of achieving a quality conversion. To make sure you’re not tempted to scrimp on this all important step, here’s how these designs can help transform your loft...

Purpose of architectural drawings

Architectural drawings are a set of technical plans, put together by architects in order to lay out a possible design for your space. They include: floor plans, elevations, site plans, and roof plans.

They’re great for setting out your intentions for the loft, and with an architect’s keen eye on board, you’ll discover the best way to maximise on space, as well as achieve any other goals you might have, such as adding an ensuite, or extra glazing.

Alongside helping you explore concept ideas, architectural drawings really make a difference when it comes to planning applications. Whether going for full planning, or using your permitted development rights, the accuracy and detail included in these drawings ensure you’re home is given the best possible chance of securing approval first time round.

Do all loft conversions require architectural drawings?

Architectural drawings aren’t a requirement for all loft conversions, but for some they will be essential.

If you are undertaking these types of loft conversions...

  • Flat roof dormer
  • Mansard
  • Hip to gable

We recommend getting an architect on board. That’s because these loft conversions require additions to your roof, often in the name of increasing space and head height. Projects that change the exterior appearance of your home come under stricter planning scrutiny, so you’ll need someone to design your space who has an understanding of both planning, and experience in create approved structures in the past.

Alongside this, these loft conversion types require a greater cash investment. So if you’re looking to recoup these costs in the eventual resale, you’ll want a quality design that’s going to secure the best price for your home.

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Benefits of having an architect on board

Whether you’re going big with a mansard dormer, or keeping it small by simple renovating the existing space, most home project can benefit from an architect’s touch.

Here are the main benefits of commissioning architectural drawings…

  • Helps inform overall timeline and budget for your project
  • Maximises on space
  • Maximises on home value
  • Gives you the best chance of securing planning approval, if required
  • Ensures you’re within permitted development rights
  • Allows you to better visualise your future space
  • Provides expert advice on both modern trends and materials
  • A good architect can put you in touch with the trusted professionals you’ll need for the rest of your project

Risks involved when not using architectural drawings

Depending on the type, scale, and complexity of your project, not opting for architectural drawings can put you are risk of…

  • Planning refusal
  • Penalties, if permitted development rights haven’t been followed
  • Poor design, which can cause damage to your house price
  • Extra costs from structural engineers and contractors, who will likely have to produce drawings similar to those done by an architect to start their own jobs

Example of architectural drawings from a loft conversion

Architectural Drawings-34 - Elevations

Architectural Drawings-34 - First Floor and Loft Plans

This project is a perfect example of how a well designed loft conversion can add useful space, and value to your home. This property finished with a modern and spacious top floor, with plenty of natural light. The project was carried out under a Lawful Development Certificate (meaning the homeowner was operating under their permitted development rights), which was granted on 12th June 2018.

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How Resi can help your loft conversion

Like traditional architecture practices, we have an incredible team of designers ready to prepare drawings, plus a whole host of other services to help make your loft conversion a reality.

Our packages include…


A new package designed to help homeowners explore the untapped potential of their home. If you’re considering a loft conversion, but aren’t sure what’s possible with your space, this is the ideal starting point!

The package includes a basic set of floor plans. These aren’t full architectural drawings, and so more cost effective, allowing you to weigh up your options before investing in the next steps.

Prices start from £250.


Ready to kick off your project? If you’ve already got existing drawings of your home, then this is the package for you.

Using the layouts you’ve provided, our design team will work closely with you to put together the architectural drawings of your future conversion. This includes a free set of revisions, so you can make sure everything is just right before it comes to planning.

Whether you require a full planning application, or you’re going out for a lawful development certificate, our team will then act as your planning agent. This includes putting together your application, and liaising with planning control on your behalf.

Prices start from £720.

Planning and survey

Missing your existing drawings?

These are basic floor plans of your home as it stands today, often provided by estate agents at the point of purchase. If you don’t have these, don’t panic, this package takes care of it all.

It not only covers all the services listed above, but also includes a measured survey. This is where our team visits your property to evaluate the space, and puts together a set of existing drawings, which our design team will use to realise your dream space.

Prices start from £900.

Building regulations

Once you’ve secured planning approval, your next step will be to get your project in line with UK building regulations. These are a set of statutory requirements that all buildings must meet in order to create a safe and healthy environment to inhabit.

In order to comply with these regulations, you’ll need to upgrade your architectural drawings to include technical details, such as: structural calculations, thermal performance, noise levels, electricals, to name just a few!

To create these new drawings, your architect will have to work with a structural engineer, CCTV drainage surveyor, and party wall surveyor - if you have neighbours. At Resi, our building regulations package includes not only the preparation of the required drawings, we’ll also source trusted professionals for you to consider, and advise on approval routes.

Prices start from £775.


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